Saturday, August 1, 2009

The T.O. Show Episode 6
As the date of Mo's vow renewal ceremony approaches, Kita plans to throw her a bachelorette party in Vegas. Not to be outdone, Terrell and the guys host a bachelor party for Vic, Mo's husband. Unbeknownst to each other, both groups check into the same hotel. The girls stay occupied with pole dancing lessons given by an expert in their own hotel suite. After a couple days of sunning at the pool, gambling, and clubbing, Terrell hosts a dinner for both groups in his over the top suite. However, the dinner doesn't end well: Mo and Kita get into a knock-down, drag-out fight concerning the arrangements for the bachelorette weekend --and Mo's behavior with the male stripper!

The T.O. Show Episode 5
Mo is stressing out because she's planning a vow renewal ceremony with her husband Victor. Caught up in his own generous spirit, Terrell offers to pay for the whole thing. Mo is thrilled but Kita is mad because she thinks everyone's forgotten her birthday. Terrell, however, is only pretending to have forgotten. He's secretly arranged a surprise party for her. Mo and Kita have a great time at the party but complain that Terrell has brought a new date, Victoria's Secret model Jessica White, to what should have been a 'family' affair. One thing's for sure, when it comes to beautiful women, this wide receiver has his hands full!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

About the T.O. Show

By any standard, wide receiver Terrell Owens is a superstar. His explosive speed, superb physical conditioning, and dynamic competitive spirit should seemingly translate to off-the-field success in love, family and life. But even at the top of his game, something is missing, and this off-season Terrell Owens finds himself a man in transition.

Brash and outspoken, a media magnet, the private Terrell is a low-key introspective native of tiny Alexander City, Alabama who never forgets where he came from. To help reconcile the contradictions in his persona -- he's both "T.O.," a controversial hero to thousands of fans, and "Terrell Owens," a single guy still searching for the right woman - he's taking some time in Los Angeles to chill out, reflect and be closer to his friends. But because his "T.O." side is always present just beneath the surface, things won't stay quiet for long.

Terrell is not on this journey alone. His best friends and publicists, Monique Jackson and Kita Williams, are there every step of the way. They are determined to shepherd their friend and client into success off the field, voicing their very distinct opinions about who Terrell should date, and who he shouldn't, while simultaneously running the "T.O. brand." They also aren't above a little subterfuge to get their way, keeping a close eye on Terrell at red carpet events, gatherings at his house, club openings and even on cruise ships -- never hesitating to pull back the reins and remind him that this off-season is about getting in touch with his inner Terrell.

From the dramatic end of his tenure in Dallas to his exciting new chapter in Buffalo, Monique and Kita also encourage Terrell to travel home to Alexander City, Alabama to share a poignant visit with his estranged father. Could this meeting help explain why he is who he is today? And, will it inspire Terrell to rethink his own role as a father?

Emotional, entertaining and most of all revealing, Terrell Owens will expose his personal life as never before, bringing all the drama, energy and heart that only he can bring

The T.O. Show Episode 3

Terrell admires Mo's attempts to get in touch with the half sister she's never met, and says that now's the time for him to have a sit-down with his estranged father. But he won't be going alone; he tells Mo to pack her bags because he needs her support! Terrell, Pablo, and Mo head to Terrell's hometown, tiny Alexander City, Alabama. Before visiting his dad, Terrell stops by his old high school to give an inspiring talk to the current generation of athletes. Afterwards, Terrell has a heart-wrenching visit with his grandmother, the woman who raised him, who is now suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

The T.O. Show Episode 2

It's time for Terrell to head to Buffalo to meet both his new team and his new city. Before the trip he sits down with his super-agent, Drew Rosenhaus, who pumps T.O. up, "Jerry Maguire" style, for his visit to Buffalo. Back at the house, Mo has had a dramatic development in her personal life -- she's found her long lost half sister that she's been looking for her whole life.

The T.O. Show Episode 1